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    摘要 眾所周知,英語學習不是一蹴而就,更不能靠臨時突擊,而應該是堅持不懈的一個過程。英語作文要想提分,積累素材是很重要的。環球網校小編為大家整理了“2023年考研備考資料:考研英語作文高分技巧(句型篇)”詳細內容,僅供參考。


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    1. It is(has been)estimated that the world's population could reach 6 billion by the end of the century.

    2. It must be pointed out that it is one of our basic State policies to control population growth while raising the quality of the population.

    3. Upon hearing the unexpected news,he was so surprised that he couldn't utter a word.

    4. It's hard to say whether the plan is practicable.

    5. It must be kept in mind that there is no secret of success but hard work.

    6. As the saying goes,nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.

    7. As is known man is the product of labour.

    8. It can be seen from this that there is no difficulty in the world we can overcome.

    9. It seems certain that they have made a series of experiments.

    10. It must be admitted that you haven't done what you promised to do.

    11. It is certain that we have a long way to go.

    12. It is clear that the enemy has no desire for peace.

    13. It is hard to imagine how Edison managed to work twenty hours each

    14. There is no doubt that you will be helped by others if you have any difficulties.

    15. It is said that bats have been using radar for millions of years.

    16. To tell the truth,many mistakes we made could have been avoided.

    17. As we know,it was not until recently that the problem was solved.

    18. In my opinion,this computer is different from that one you saw.

    19. All this shows that nothing can prevent us from reaching our aims.

    20. As far as we know,it took him more than a year to write the book.

    21. It has been proved that every substance,no matter what it is,made up of atoms.

    29. It is true that we must redouble our efforts;otherwise we cannot catch up with the developed countries.

    30. I take it for granted that they will support this idea. I regard it as natural that they will agree to this idea.

    31. In a certain sense , a successful scientist is a person who is never satisfied with what he has achieved.

    32. It is a common saying that man who has a settled purpose will surely succeed.

    33. The oceans do not so much divide the world as unite it.

    34. It can be said that without knowledge of science and technology,it is impossible to build socialist modernizations.

    35. There is no denying the fact that the new management method has greatly increased the production.

    36. Now in China,more and more families can afford to buy high-grade goods,such as washing machines,TV sets,videocorders.


    以上就是小編“2023年考研備考資料:考研英語作文高分技巧(句型篇)”的分享內容,希望對考生有所幫助。您可以使用環球網校提供 免費預約短信提醒功能,幫助你更快的獲取考試報名時間、準考證打印時間、初試時間、成績查詢等多方面信息。您還可以點擊文章右側的“考研資料下載”按鈕即可免費下載歷年真題、模擬試題、真題解析等資料。點擊“去做題”按鈕即進入學習中心可實現在線真題練習、模擬考試。


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